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Wrap Up Cosmetic Bag

Wrap Up Cosmetic Bag

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Finding Your Beauty Supplies Is So Easy With Our Wrap Up Cosmetic Bag!

Wrap Up Bag is an ideal cosmetic bag to store all your beauty supplies. All you've to do is just throw in your stuff, pull the string from both sides, and fastened it using the Velcro.
Unlike the conventional cosmetic bags wherein if you want to find your primer or any other beauty supply, you have to take all your supplies out of the bag until you finally find your Primer.

This bag gives you a one-shot view of all your supplies - Making your life so easy!


  • View at a Glance
    Gives you a one-shot view of all your supplies
  • Easy to Use
    Unlike the Zipper bags, you don't have to squeeze in all your supplies 
  • Saves time
    You don't have to spend time finding your supplies
  • Portable
    Can be easily carried in your purse making it ideal for everyday use, and even when travelling
  • Totally Secured
    Strings on both sides and the velcro will protect your supplies from falling off

This is what we mean when we say 'simply throw in all your supplies' - Just open it flat to throw in all your suppliesHTB1xcqHjDCWBKNjSZFtq6yC3FXaK

 Pull the string once you've placed in all your supplies


Once you've pulled the strings, fasten the bag using Velcro fastener 


One-shot view of all your beauty supplies- Isn't it?



  • Material: Polyester
  • Closure Type: String
  • Contains 2 Zippers in its interior




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