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Bath™ Toilet Seat Cover

Bath™ Toilet Seat Cover

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Diyos Bath™ Toilet Seat Cover Protects The Toilet User From Germs & Ensures The Seat is Soft, Comfy & Warm!

Why Diyos Bath™  Toilet Seat Cover?

Protects From Germs

Bacteria rests on the toilet seat for so many days, which makes you more prone to infections. Unless you sanitize your toilets seats everyday, you definitely need to have this Toilet Seat Cover! As with is Seat Cover, cleaning is so easy, just drop it into your washing machine and done!

Protects the Toilet Seat

This Toilet Seat Cover adds a layer of protection to your toilet seat keeping it clean and also saves the time spent on cleaning toilet seat.

Machine Washable

The Cover is made from of an acrylic-with-polyester blend, making it easy to care forThis Toilet Seat Covers can be easily cleaned by putting them in the washing machine. 

Keeps Your Warm

This Toilet Cover will change the feel of your cold hard seat and makes it easier to enjoy your time using the bathroom especially during winter. The toilet seat covers add cushioning and warmth, making daily visits to the bathroom a pleasant experience

Stays Intact & Easy to Fit

They also feature elasticized edges that provide a secure fit and helps keep them in place. They're made to fit standard round and oval seats.

Enhance Your Bathroom Decor

Change the look and feel of your bathroom by adding the Toilet Seat Cover. This item will allow you to easily add a splash of comfort and color to your restroom. 

The protectors make a unique addition to the rest of your bathroom accessories and decorations. They're available in various colors so you can pick one that best matches your current restroom decor

Good To Know!

  • Material: Polyester
  • Diameter: 30CM/11.81in
  • Available in 7 different colors
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