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3 In 1 Metal & Stud Detector

3 In 1 Metal & Stud Detector

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"Screwing is more enjoyable than drilling bolt holes", isn't it? Drilling is an annoyance if we accidentally drill the pipe, AC live wire, or stud. Want hassle-free drilling? First, make sure you are not drilling the pipe or wire under the wall. This 3 in 1 Metal Detector will effortlessly detect the stud, metal pipe, or live wire underneath your wall, making your drill secure. The tool can serve as a blessing for interior decorators

3-In-1 Handheld Metal Detector Stud Finder Metal Wire Wall Scanner Gold

What does this Gadget do?

  • Detects Stud under the wall
  • Detects Metal under the wall
  • Detects AC Live Wires under the wall
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Want to Know More About This Gadget?

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It has 3 detector modes:

  • Stud Scan Mode: It locates the edge of metal and wood stud under normal walls.
  • Metal Scan Mode: It locates the metal such as iron, copper, and aluminum pipe under normal walls.
  • AC Wire Scan Mode: It locates the AC wire under normal walls.

This detector comes along with an audio and visual indication which allows you to make a mark easily when the metal, AC live wire, and stud is detected. It comes with an LCD screen which is easy to read for the backlight.

3 In 1 Metal Detector Find Wall Scanner Electric Box Finder Wall Detector  H6P4 Metal Detectors Business & Industrial



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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Louis Alvarado
3 In 1 Metal & Stud Detector

With a sharp pencil to mark the edges it finds the studs are super easy to locate. Wires and metal behind the walls are almost like being behind a clear sheet of wall board.
great tool to have in your tool box.

Jack Burns
3 In 1 Metal & Stud Detector

The goods have come. So far, it is clear how to use it. Good to have.

Teresa Burton
3 In 1 Metal & Stud Detector

Overall great product and pricing. Picked up the studs immediately without any troubles. I don't know if it's just my stud finder, but I had troubles turning it on at the beginning. I realize that you have to hit the on button and side button to keep it on whereas in the instructions it says to just hit the on button once (had to hit 3 times to turn on). Other then that, it does the job needed.

Madison Oliver
3 In 1 Metal & Stud Detector

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package that a battery came with it! So that was a bonus!

Was very easy to use and the instructions very clear. As I read past reviews, they note that the display could only be read head on, but that is not the case with a fresh battery. My one hint is to go slow! Once the finder is against the wall, move it from left to right as indicated in the instructions - but if you move it too swiftly it will miss the change, so go slow!

Came at the perfect time as I'm getting ready to remodel my bedroom!!

Diana Daniels
3 In 1 Metal & Stud Detector

Works great, detects metal behind plasterboard (rigips) - that is what I wanted