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SparkleGenie Ultrasonic Jewelry Wizard

SparkleGenie Ultrasonic Jewelry Wizard

Rediscover the glistening beauty of your valuables with SparkleGenie's deep, precise ultrasonic cleaning.
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  • 💍 Professional-grade sparkle
  • 👓 Versatile cleaning solution
  • 🏠 Compact, stylish design
  • ⏱️ Saves time and effort
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" Honestly, this thing works wonders! Cleaned my entire earring collection, and it's like I've got a brand new set. Super easy to use, and doesn't eat up space on my counter. "
Kimberly K.
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Tired of tedious jewelry cleaning? SparkleGenie to the rescue! ✨

Forget hours of scrubbing your precious items with harsh chemicals. SparkleGenie Ultrasonic Jewelry Wizard harnesses the power of KHZ ultrasonic frequency for a professional-grade clean that's gentle yet effective. Just a few minutes, and your jewelry, glasses, and watches emerge sparkling like new. You achieve impeccable results without the hassle.

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Embrace the magic of advanced cleaning technology! 🌟

SparkleGenie isn't your ordinary jewelry cleaner. Designed with versatility in mind, it can handle a variety of items including eyewear and razor blades. Whether you're sprucing up for a special occasion or maintaining everyday items, this ultrasonic wonder ensures everything you treasure shines bright.

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Cluttered space with bulky cleaners? Think compact! 🏡

We value not just the cleanliness of your possessions, but also the neatness of your space. That's why SparkleGenie is designed to be compact and easy to tuck away. With its attractive color options, it adds a pop of style to your home, all while being so easy to transport that you can take that shine with you wherever you go.

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Widely Used

The ultrasonic cleaner has a large capacity, which can accommodate many different types of objects.prefect for office and household use.

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  • Ashley A.

    "I was skeptical at first but wow! Glasses never looked clearer, and my watch is sparkling. Such a time-saver. No more wipes or sprays for me! 🕶️"

  • Dorothy D.

    "My husband's razor blades came out so clean, it's like they're straight outta the box. He loves it! Plus, it's so quiet; you can barely hear it working. Gonna buy one for my mom too!"

  • Kimberly K.

    "Great product! Does exactly what it promises. My necklaces and rings are shining, and the green color is so cute in my bathroom."

  • Nancy N.

    "Big thumbs up! Noticed a huge difference in how bright my jewelry looks now. So convenient and worth the investment."


Don't wait, bring the sparkle back home today with SparkleGenie and enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Unsure about SparkleGenie? Give it a try, risk-free! With our 60-day money-back guarantee, you can see the stunning results for yourself. No sparkle, no fuss - just your money back.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Maxie Kemmer

As a frequent traveler, SparkleGenie is my go-to companion. Its compact design is a space-saver, and the noise reduction feature ensures a quiet yet powerful cleaning experience. I never leave home without it!

Collins Jesse

SparkleGenie has revolutionized my jewelry cleaning routine! The large capacity is a game-changer, handling various items effortlessly. A must-have for both office and home use.

Andrew Willis

The versatility of SparkleGenie is unmatched. From eyewear to razor blades, it handles everything with ease. The one-touch button control is not just convenient but adds a touch of sophistication to the cleaning process.

David Torres

SparkleGenie's 360-degree cleaning is nothing short of magic! The ultrasonic waves and cleaning bubbles work wonders. My rings now sparkle like new on special occasions, giving me that extra confidence boost.

Shayne Kshlerin

Compact and stylish – SparkleGenie is a clutter-free solution to my jewelry cleaning needs. The one-touch button control is so easy to use, and the waterproof design adds an extra layer of convenience. A sleek addition to my cleaning arsenal!