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Tie-Free™ Laces [Pack of 12]

Tie-Free™ Laces [Pack of 12]

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Transform Any Pair of Lace-ups into Slip-ons!

With Tie-Free™ Laces, you can now turn any shoe into a comfortable and convenient slip-on. This unique no-tie lacing system is changing how people wear shoes forever. 

They’re unlike other no-tie laces, as you strap one single piece through opposite eyelets and then clasp the ends together in the middle of your shoe. This clasp contributes to the style of the laces with a cool button style. The laces also come in a variety of modern colors.

Why Tie-Free™ Laces are Life-Changing?

  • Never tie your shoes again
  • Get out the door faster! Slip your shoes on instantly
  • Never have to worry about embarrassing and potentially dangerous trips caused by untied or loose shoelace.
  • Maximize the comfort of your shoes
  • One size fits any adult's & kid's shoes
  • No more dirty untied shoelaces!
  • Lock in your desired tension for a perfect fit every time

Suitable on both Sneakers & Dress Shoes

It gives a very sleek look as there is no knot.

One Size Fits All - For Both Adults & Kids 

Create Your Own Cool & Unique Style

How To Use:

Product Details:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Length: 14cm

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Tie-Free™ Laces [Pack of 12]


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Ralph Rios
Tie-Free™ Laces [Pack of 12]

Good Goods.My 9yo has trouble with fine motor skills. Tying her shoes is a frustrating process... to wish she hasn’t mastered. She was af aid to wear her sneakers to school because they might come untied and she won’t be able to retie them. These have been great! Her classmates were jealous and all wanted them!!
Love the different length for different tightness!

Keith Tran
Tie-Free™ Laces [Pack of 12]

Very satisfied with the goods, now I put on sneakers without tying and untying, everything is simple and convenient. As I lived without them before) one sneaker took 3 bands elastic, T. To a narrow leg and a specific cut in the sneakers in front. With the seller did not communicate, everything came quickly without delays.

Bryant Donald
Tie-Free™ Laces [Pack of 12]

Comfortable thing. Recommend.

Scott Ortega
Tie-Free™ Laces [Pack of 12]

My family loves these! From the child who has a little trouble with shoe laces to the adult who just wants easy shoes, these laces are great. The quality is superb and has not broken. A variety of lengths is provided making it possible to use on most sizes of shoe.

Megan Gibson
Tie-Free™ Laces [Pack of 12]

Ordered second time. All perfect!