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Scrub Pro ®

Scrub Pro ®

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Cleaning Stubborn Stains Made Easy! 

Looking for an EASY way to get rid of GROSS shower dirt & SCUM?
Want a DEEP clean EFFORTLESSLY? We have the PERFECT solution for you!
SAVE  time & EFFORT cleaning! Cleaning is already hard enough. Why make it more difficult & time consuming?

Whether you're SCRUBBING the hard to reach cracks and crevasse of your Shower...

Or trying to REMOVE STUBBORN stains from kitchen tops & floors.

The Scrub Pro cleans all surfaces EFFORTLESSLY like Magic...

GONE are the days of STRUGGLING for HOURS on end trying to remove dirt & scum just to see no noticeable change!

Clean any surface in SECONDS!

Watch those STUBBORN stains disappear in SECONDS! With the press of a button.
No more back pain & knee pain from HOURS hunched over STRUGGLING to clean!


SAVE MONEY on EXPENSIVE cleaning services...Easy and affordable way to clean your house thoroughly.

Clean DIRTY: floors, tops, dishes, bathrooms and so much more! like never before

SUPER EASY to use PERFECT for getting rid of those tough stains in SECONDS. 


Grab your very own Scrub Pro and change the way you clean FOREVER!



Perfect For: Showers, Toilets, Glass, Dishes, Stove Tops and so much more!

Power: X 4 AA Batteries (Not included)

 Brushes: Scrub Pro comes with 5 UNIQUE brushes so you can get the perfect clean EVERYTIME!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Luna Abshire

I clean houses for extra money to pay bills and daycare. I had purchased a electric spin scrubber with extention and it worked for 6 months and quit. Probably because water ended up getting on something that shouldn't. First off this one is completely water resistant. Love that. The power is great and the digital power level is awesome for me who is adhd. I'd I had one complaint it would be the corner brush head needs to be more pointed. Other than that I'm happy as a fat kid in Charlie's chocolate factory.

Loren Koss

I saw these advertised on Tiktok and I can't lie at first I was highly sceptical but was shocked when I tried it earlier this week and it was working. Would definitely recommend.