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RGB Selfie Pro™ Ring Light Kit

RGB Selfie Pro™ Ring Light Kit

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Have a professional studio in your own house!

Want to Start Your Own You-tube Channel

Our Selfie Pro™ Ring Light Kit will provide you the Stunning Light Every Star is Using at the comfort of your home. With its RGB feature, the light can be adjusted to 26 different colors.

With Selfie Pro™ Ring Light Kit, you can expect a precise, high quality multi-filter LED Lighting at the press of a single button, it will even last over 50,000 hours, and won't ever create an annoying humming noise.

Our Selfie Pro™ Ring Light Kit will create a perfect shadow-less full lighting around your face.

Perfect for video bloggers, You-tubers, make-up artists, etc to look more flawless than ever.



Compatible with Most smart phones. It can be rotated 360 degrees. You can adjust the angle as needed to provide the perfect light.  Comes with a Phone Holder.



You'll never have to find the perfect floor to ceiling window during the day, struggle in front of a tiny mirror or create content that you spend hours editing for just the perfect look.

We've asked 1000s of content curators, makeup artists, and personal users how they use their lighting and designed the LED Right Light Kit to have the perfect illumination at the touch of a button with a simple setup and the use of almost any camera.

Great for taking photos and videos for:

🤳Facebook Live

🤳YouTube tutorials

🤳Instagram Stories

🤳Professional Photography & Video

🤳Makeup tutorials

🤳Conference Calls

🤳Marketing yourself on Social Media


🤳Skype Calls


Super quiet 

No humming noises droning away in the background. This is so quiet that if you didn't see the light, you'd forget it's running.

Adjustable Tripod with Light Stand 

10 inch foldable stand, 160cm adjustable LED ring light that is evenly positioned within the light with no dark corners to provide the most suitable lighting.

360-Degree Rotation 

Turn, twist, and move this ring any way you need it to go. It's fully adjustable so you always get the perfect angle.

26 Color Modes 

13 solid color modes and 13 mixed modes. It can meet your lighting color needs in different occasions.

RGB Control 

You can easily change the brightness and color of the light with the remote control.
Wide application: Widely applied to outdoor photo light, makeup, live video, studio light, indoor fill light, Portrait, fashion, advertising photography, video recording, etc.


There's a rubber cushion on the base that stops it from slipping all over the place. It stays where you put it.  Also includes a Phone Holder that securely holds either your phone.

Studio quality 

We've got multi-filter LED lights built into our design so you get the absolute perfect light for whatever you're doing.

USB Powered 

It's USB powered and works with any smartphone. You don't need special batteries or a certain kind of smartphone. This charges up with any USB and works with any kind of smartphone, including iPhones and Androids.

Ready to snap the perfect selfie✌️


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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Bobby Mitchell
RGB Selfie Pro™ Ring Light Kit

This was bought as a present for my daughter who films bakes and crafts. She loves it! She gets great angles using the attachment for her phone and a wash of light, which she can change the tone of. Other family members are now asking to borrow it for their projects.

Frances Moreno
RGB Selfie Pro™ Ring Light Kit

My daughter loves it, she uses it for all her social media, its so easy to assemble and the brightness and colours are fantastic.

Raymond Martinez
RGB Selfie Pro™ Ring Light Kit

I got this for my sister as she post quite a lots of videos on social media. She was very pleased with the quality and how good it is. So much better and easy to use. Recommend

Jack Carter
RGB Selfie Pro™ Ring Light Kit

Absolutely amazing, so many different settings, great for instagram pictures & lighting for makeup. Managed to attach the light to my old full size tripod- 100% recommend

Harry West
RGB Selfie Pro™ Ring Light Kit

Amazing little ring light.

My partner wanted one so when she does her make up she has more of a "natural light" and she couldn't be happier!