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Mind Twister: Magnetic Battle Chess Family Game

Mind Twister: Magnetic Battle Chess Family Game

Unearth the grandmaster in you with our captivating, fun-filled interactive magnetic chess game!
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  • 🔯 Boosts Logical Thinking: Challenges your mind, enhances logical thinking skills
  • 🤩 Enhances Concentration: Keeps you engrossed, boosting focus & concentration
  • 😎 Perfect Party Game: Ideal for exciting gatherings of family and friends
  • 📝 Lightweight & Portable: Carry your entertainment wherever you go
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" I got this for our family game nights - oh boy, it was mind-blowingly fun! Everyone loves the new challenge and ma and pa have joined too! A family-bonding win! "
Karen K.
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🤖 Unleash the Grandmaster!

Master the game of wits and strategies! Hone your planning abilities and emerge as the holder of the crown in this magnetic chess game. Enhance your focus, patience, and decision-making skills while having endless hours of fun!

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😣 Tired of monotonous party games?

Upgrade your party entertainment and watch your get-togethers become the talk of the town! This Tactical Magnetic Chess Game brings fun and challenge to every gathering, locking all players in a battle of wits!

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😐 Looking for an engaging family game?

Say goodbye to boring family time with this perfect boredom-buster! It's not just a game, but a joyous exercise to sharpen your and kids' critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

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This is a game for 2 or more players.During the game,you win when you have no magnets left

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  • Kimberly K.

    "More engaging than regular board games. Keeps the kiddos (& adults) thinking, which is great. And the magnetic feature?💯Fantastic!"

  • Sarah S.

    "We took this game on a trip. Loved how compact it was & easy to carry. Played it camping & during breaks while hiking. Lots of fun & thrill!"

  • Jennifer J.

    "Bought it for my nephew's birthday. Now, I end up losing, while he can't get enough of it. Definitely a great buy as a gift or for self!"

  • Lisa L.

    "Way better than staring at our phones all day! Now during friends' meet-ups, we're engaged in challenging games instead of scrolling feeds. Totally recommended!"


Buy Mind Twister now! With our 60-day money-back guarantee, you've got nothing to lose!

We stand by our product! Try Mind Twister for 60 days. If you're not completely satisfied, just return it for a full refund. No questions asked. It's time to level-up your game!

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