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Sequential LED Indicator (2Pcs)

Sequential LED Indicator (2Pcs)

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Daytime Running Light/ Indicator

This Universal Dynamic LED Car Indicators Cum Daytime Running Lights Will Increase Visibility on the Road and Give Your Car an Absolute Cool Look!

This Pair of  Dynamic LED Car Indicators is All That Your Car Needs!

More Style, More Power, More Radiance

Why Opt for Expensive Ways To Install Dynamic Car Indicators When the Most Affordable Way is Right Here!

With this LED Indicator installed in your car, Yellow light appears in a sequential flow when the indicator is turned on. When the indicator is turned off, it works as a daytime running light displaying the color that you purchased - White, Blue, Pink or Red


Increases Visibility & Prevents Accidents

Especially during a bad weather when you have limited visibility such as during fog, rain or snow days, this LED Light indicator works the best, as it makes your car totally visible and safeguards against accidents

Enhances Your Car's Look

Gives your car's exterior a very rich & stylish look, that is sure to catch everyone's attention!

Works Also as a Daytime Running Light

During the day time, even when your headlight is not turned on, this indicator will give enough visibility to other drivers. A great combination of both indicator & daytime running light

Easy to Install

It is super easy to install, simply remove the adhesive and stick it around the headlights & connect the wires, that's it! Don't worry we will provide you the instruction manual too!

Low Power Consumption & Energy Saving

Don't worry about your battery being drained out as this is specifically designed to consume low power and conserve energy.

High Quality

It is made from high quality soft silicone material, which is soft, durable and ultralight.


Don't worry about these LED indicators during the rainy days as they are absolutely water-proof

Universal Fit

Can be used for any car [Product Size: 60CM]



  • When taking a turn [Left or right], this dynamic indicator will display yellow light in a sequential flow

  • When in motion, it will act as a daytime running light and remain the same color that you purchased


  1. Simply remove the adhesive sticker and stick it around the headlights
  2. Connect the wires as outlined below:

    Wire Connections:
  • Red Wire: connecting to headlight or ACC (+)
  • Black wire: connecting to battery Negative (-)
  • Yellow wire: connecting to turn signal (+)

     That's It! You are good to ride!



  • White/Yellow: White Color Daytime running Light Turns Into Sequential Yellow When Indicator is On

  • Pink/Yellow: Pink Color Daytime running Light Turns Into Sequential  Yellow When Indicator is On

  • Red/Yellow: Red Color Daytime running Light Turns Into Sequential Yellow When Indicator is On

  • Blue/Yellow: Blue Color Daytime running Light Turns Into Sequential Yellow When Indicator is On


- 2 X LED Indicator Stripes
- Instruction Manual



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