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Lazy Bath Massage Pad

Lazy Bath Massage Pad

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Good circulation is vital to personal health. Foot massage is one of the different ways to improve foot and leg circulation for a happier and healthier you.

Lazy Bath Massage Pad


Massage, clean, condition and rejuvenate your feet with our Lazy Bath Massage Pad – a foot spa treatment for your feet in your daily bath and shower.

Lazy Bath Massage Pad

Our foot scrubber is designed to give you the ultimate foot spa experience in the comforts of your own home.

Lazy Bath Massage Pad


Our Lazy Bath Massage Pad features more than a thousand massaging bristles for the ultimate invigorating brush action. 

Removes dead skin, thoroughly cleans soapy feet, including the often neglected areas between the toes; the back features a strong suction cup to prevent slippage. This foot washer not only cleans your feet but improves blood circulation, giving you the added energy boost you need to start your day right.

Lazy Bath Massage Pad


Stimulates circulation and blood flow to the feet and produces a feeling of all-over well-being and health. Softens, rejuvenates and prevents dry, callused feet and other foot ailments like Athlete’s Foot. Take better care of your health with the ultimate foot care today!

Lazy Bath Massage Pad

You can use it for massaging your BACK too!


Our Lazy Bath Massage Pad is made of the highest quality materials and will last for years. This feet brush is very easy to use, especially recommended for people with hip and back problems – with our Lazy Bath Massage Pad, there’s no need to bend over; it’s excellent for use in the shower or bathtub.Lazy Bath Massage Pad


  • Made with the highest quality materials, our Lazy Bath Massage Pad will last for years. You can easily clean it with running water, then let dry naturally.
  • Has a nice loop on the top so can hang it up and let it air dry.
  • There’s no need to bend over - simply move your feet back and forth across the bristles to massage and scrub your feet. It’s especially recommended for people with hip and back problems. Cleaning your feet has never been this easy!
  • Generous amount of cleaning bristles, long and soft enough to comfortably clean your feet.
  • For family use. You will find your household all will love it, especially children. Bring a lot of fun while bathing.
  • Suitable for man that always in flip flops. It gives a great massage as well as cleaning both feet. Our Lazy Bath Massage Pad stimulates circulation and blood flow to the feet. Regular use produces a feeling of all-over well-being and health.


  • Material: Top food grade silicone gel material
  • Size: 12"x 12" x 0.8"
  • Weight: 0.36 LB

Package Included:

1 x Lazy Bath Massage Pad👣


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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Adam Harper
Lazy Bath Massage Pad

Really useful to clean your feet, especially if you are too lazy to bend down to clean them normally. I actually have it against the side of my tub to clean the bottom and side of my feet. The bristles feel stiff, but in a good way as it feels like I'm cleaning my feet better.

Martha Ward
Lazy Bath Massage Pad

This is very sturdy and well made--totally worth the money. I have a bad back and this allows me to have a good foot scrub without bending over. The bristles are firm but flexible. It doesn't exfoliate in an aggressive manner but it's just firm enough that it does the trick. I would definitely recommend it.

Jason West
Lazy Bath Massage Pad

Nothing to dislike! Cleans your feet and feels good.
Might be very good for those that dont want to bend down or sit down to clean those hardest working parts, that keep us on the go!
Its a real treat.

Donald Castro
Lazy Bath Massage Pad

Wow! Amazed - I do love the fact I can now finally scrub my feet without all the effort - top, sides, bottom - like a foot massage, they feel better - also used it to scrub my fingernails, hands all over palms and sides - if you wish to scrub your arms or elbows do it you will know you are clean once you have used it

Christine Armstrong
Lazy Bath Massage Pad