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Playtime™ Memory Chess Board Game

Playtime™ Memory Chess Board Game

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Wooden Memory Match Stick Chess Game Children Kids Puzzle Educational -  Cheapiee

A unique game that encourages concentration, attention to detail and cooperative behaviours through a colour matching memory game.

The objective of this fun board game for kids is simple. Roll the dice to reveal colorfind a matching color pin on the board and collect as many pieces as possible (when playing with other children). 


  • SHARPENS BABY'S BRAIN: Memory Game Chess can help to improve a baby's three-dimensional imagination, color cognitive ability and stimulate the baby's curiosity at her or his early age.
  • COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: At a young age, the game can enhance your child's brain. It improves IQ, raises bonding with parents, and makes their brains accurate. It also prevents them to depend on gadgets.
  • STOPS GADGET DEPENDENCE: Spend Time with Kids, Adults, and Grandparents, STOP Kids from spending too much time on Phones and Pads.
  • FOR ALL AGES: The memory chess game keeps your brain snappy and active, this prevents memory decline and other relevant health issues. A game for all members of the family, grandparents, kids, and parents! 
  • SMOOTH WOOD MATERIAL: Made of safe wooden material and non-toxic water paint, allow you to use with reassurance. With a painted smooth surface layer, it does not hurt kids' hands easily. 


MemoryMatch - Wooden Memory Game |


(Instructions are included in the box so please don't worry about trying to memorise this description!) 

Each player takes a turn to roll the dice. On each side of the dice is a colour - purple, blue, yellow, red, green or natural wood. 

The player tries to find the corresponding colour on the game board by picking up one piece. If the piece matches the colour shown on the dice the player keeps it. If the piece does not match it is returned to its spot on the game board. 

On the first few turns the process is essentially 'luck' as the player simply guesses where the colour could be. 

After a few turns, however, increasing levels of strategy set in as children can remember seeing the colours during earlier turns. Memory comes into play not only to identify where a specific colour is hiding but also when using a process of elimination to make a logical, informed guess about where a colour is likely to be. 


For younger children the main benefit of the game is its influence on memory and attention - the nature of the game encourages each child to actually remain focused and observing the turns of the other children rather than only engaging during his/her own turn. 

For older children there are many opportunities for extension, such as using the game to discuss chance, data and probability within the context of a maths lesson.

🎁AMAZING GIFT IDEA: Ideal for young children as it assists in learning about team-work and game-playing. Adults and older people can play it too. Perfect for a gift on any occasion.


  • Material: Top Beech Wood, Green Lacquer
  • Plate Diameter: 18cm
  • Chess Width: 1.5cm; Chess Height: 4.3cm
  • Dice:2cm x 2cm x 2cm

Package Contents: 

  • 24 x Colored Sticks (in 6 Colors)
  • 1 x Dice
  • 1 x Gaming Board


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Albert Richards
Playtime™ Memory Chess Board Game [50% OFF ENDS Today]

Item is great! Interesting for all ages!! I just want to thank the vendor for his kindness! He deserves lot of success!!

Kyle Hicks
Playtime™ Memory Chess Board Game [50% OFF ENDS Today]

I bought this for for 5 year old son but the whole family loves to play it. My 11 year old and his friends were playing round after round with this at a recent get-together. Simple memory game that seems to please all ages. Very happy with this purchase.

Olivia Carter
Playtime™ Memory Chess Board Game [50% OFF ENDS Today]

My grandkids and I are having fun with this game! We love memory games, but it seems the cards always get moved out of place, making it harder. This solves that problem. And if we use the die, that adds to the difficulty. With the youngest, we don't start with all the pegs so it's a little easier! Great game, great price, but it did take a while to get here so order now.

Barbara Rivera
Playtime™ Memory Chess Board Game [50% OFF ENDS Today]

Great toy. My daughter wanted to play the game for 2 hours which for a 3 year old child is more then amazing. Fast shipping.

Rice Jordan
Playtime™ Memory Chess Board Game [50% OFF ENDS Today]

Super! it's super fast. Everything is super, we play and develop memory)