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Crystal Glass Touch Switch

Crystal Glass Touch Switch

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Display of different decoration scenes

picture display as an example, there is a difference between the effect picture and the actual display



3 way touch switch.

Control one lamp in different places. 3 Way switch only works with Livolo products in the same series.2pcs is minimum order.

Livolo does not mix and match with other brands.

EU/UK Touch Switch

Multiple colors and Gang to choose for home improvement Enjoy your smart home life

Super touch sensitivity

The high sensitivity experience is the same as pressing the phone

Tempered crystal panel glass

Prevent scratches and scarring not easily deformed and discolored

Tempered Glass and PC Case is Fireproof

Strengthen protection for the short circuit of power line Fireproof rate is V-0

The crystal panel is Moisture proof

The wet hand can operate the panel and the water vapor does not easily enter the inside of the panel

Tempered Glass Panel EASY to Clean

Convenient for maintenance and cleaning with a cloth or tool

On and off the backlight effect

On is red display, Off is blue display

Soft light indicator

The weak blue light will not affect your sleep

The switch is suitable for lamp types

halogen lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, LED lamps, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps

Main switch

Excellent process manufacturing and technology upgrade

How to use capacitors

1. The power needs to be turned off during installation
2. Please connect the "L" position to FireWire correctly
3. Located at the "L1", "L2" and "L3" positions respectively to control the light bulb
4. The cover can be opened to complete the final process
5. The figure below is the schematic diagram of the capacitor installation: the installed load bulbs are halogen lamps, led bulbs, high-voltage strips, smart led bulbs or bulbs less than 5W, all need to install this yellow safety capacitor, and the capacitors are connected in parallel to control the live and neutral wires

Display of different decoration scenes

picture display as an example, there is a difference between the effect picture and the actual display



1、1/2/3 Gang touch switch 220v wall Light Switch,EU Standard smart home switch
2、Toughened crystal glass panel design, no fading, looks elegant and stylish.
3、Super sensitivity-Just need touch it light, Waterproof and Resistance Scratch. Protection Against Electric Shock.
4、 Popular Colors are available: Black, White, Golden,
5、With blue LED indicator, very distinguished, more humanization design,The button will glow at night, making it easier to find.
6、New imported IC processor for nice sensitivity and stable performance
7、the base is made of high temperature resistant PC material, making the switch durable and longer life.
8、Single live wire control, easy to install, replace the old switch directly.
9、Touch control ensures longer service life than traditional switch.
10、Protection of over-current, anti-interference,Certification: CE, ROHS, FCC、EU.
11、Easy to clean, panel glass resists deformation and fading.
12、 Elegant look, Suited greatly with many modern decor styles. It can be applied to drawing room, bedroom, corridor, kitchen, bathroom, Office and so on.



1*Touch Switch
2*Long Screw
1*Safety X capacitor
1 *  User Manual
1*Package box


1、You have to cut off the power and during the installation.
2、Single firewire design.No need to open the wall rewiring, direct replacement of the old switch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Alexander Davis
DIYOS™ Crystal Glass Touch Switch

Excellent switches, ordered 2 pieces, reached Yekaterinburg quickly. I took it for a sample, now I'll order it for the whole house.

Dorothy Barnett
DIYOS™ Crystal Glass Touch Switch

Super easy to install and so easy to use! Just a small tap and looks newer and sleek! My kids love it and so do I.

Simpson Jesse
DIYOS™ Crystal Glass Touch Switch

I don't know what these negative reviews are talking about. This was easier to install than a standard switch. READ the directions. If you broke it not following the directions, that's user error, not a bad switch. A standard switch just interrupts the hot wire. Of course, there's no ground. I've never seen a standard home switch with a ground. This thing is gorgeous and works flawlessly. Buy and enjoy.

Lawrence Johnston
DIYOS™ Crystal Glass Touch Switch

Excellent fast delivery, very design and stylish, very shocked seller to recommend

Nathan Brown
DIYOS™ Crystal Glass Touch Switch

The box contains the switch, instructions and screws. Highly recommended! Great product and seller!