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Tyre Pressure Monitor 3 Color Eye Alert

Tyre Pressure Monitor 3 Color Eye Alert

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 💎Give you a quick visual of a tire that needs air.

Fit for almost all vehicles: car,motorcycle,bicycle and so on. Fit for 32-36PSI(2.2-2.4Bar)

The human eye cannot accurately distinguish the state of the tyre. Knowing the status of your tyres in a timely manner is critical to your safety and the life of your car. Visually alerts you when the tyre pressure is low to help avoid premature tyre wear ​or blowouts from under-inflated tyres. Green/yellow/red system indicate level of proper tyre inflation.According the recognize color to display the pressure of the tyre. 

  • 3 Noticeable Colors,Easy to view

🟢Green shows that tyre pressure is normal .
🟡Yellow shows that the pressure is 10% lower than standard about 5 pounds. You should inflate the tyres in time. 
🔴Red alerts you that the pressure is 25% lower than standard at least 10 pounds.And you need to stop driving immediately.

  • Easy to install

They are very simple to install just like the typical caps.Long product life, can be used for a long time.

Copper Core Tyre Pressure Indicator Caps

  • The item are very durable,wear resistant,smooth and not easy to get rusty with copper core and stainless steel materials.Enhances road handling, increases economy, extends tyre life
  • Car tyre pressure monitor valve caps help to avoid premature tyre wear or blowouts from under-inflated tyres,increases fuel efficiency, safety and control.

Key Features

Copper Core Tire Pressure Indicator Caps

  • Leak-proof

Built-in seal ring to avoid air leaking.Rotational screw thread unloading,good seal,dust proof,waterproof.Gear inlays,increase skid resistance.

  • Brass core

It is not cheap one which is made of plastic core. The use of higher cost of copper core and gaskets, more durable. Physical detection without any energy, Put an end to chronic leaks of your tyres. Although it's a bit expensive, you get what you pay.

  • Cool Looking,Unique

Transparent PC cover,very convenience to check tyre pressure enough or not with noticeable colors,just keep the eyes on the caps instead of actually checking.Easy to read colors.Easy to see which tyre has the problem at a glance by walk around tyres.


  • Color : Silver
  • Material :Chromed Metal+PC
  • Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Weight:‎1.58 ounces
  • Size:‎0.90 x 0.39 x 0.79 inches
  • Vehicle Service Type: car,motorcycle, bicycle and so on
  • Fit for 32-36PSI(2.2-2.4Bar) :Tips: You need to confirm your tyre pressure before placing an order!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Kevin Bowman
Diyos™ Tyre Pressure Monitor 3 Color Eye Alert

At first, I bought them just to test my car tire pressure to check if they are normal since the tire pressure light was on sometimes. They are so easy to use. Green indicates normal and red shows you need more air. I tested mine and it worked very well. Besides, I also noticed that they can be used for your bicycle and even motorcycle. Maybe I should check my bicycle as well.

Denise Boyd
Diyos™ Tyre Pressure Monitor 3 Color Eye Alert

Great Quality.

Newman James
Diyos™ Tyre Pressure Monitor 3 Color Eye Alert

It will take time to arrive, when I try them I write comments

Lisa Tucker
Diyos™ Tyre Pressure Monitor 3 Color Eye Alert

My car has TPMs (Tire Pressure Monitors). When the air pressure is low it shows on the control panel. It's a great thing, BUT in the winter, when the temperature drops it comes on even if the tires are just a few pound low. These save me time because I don't have to check each tire and I know if they are just a little low or a lot low. My newer truck tells me exactly what pressure is in each tire, so I don't need these on it, but the older model just says "Tire Pressure Low" on the dash so you don't know which one or how much. When I had new tires put on the older vehicle they didn't get one of the TPMs put back in correctly and I had to drive it with the message "Tire Pressure Fault" until they could fix it. Modern technology is great.

Griffin Judith
Diyos™ Tyre Pressure Monitor 3 Color Eye Alert

I use them on my bicycle.Works Great.