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Mini Handy Sewing Machine

Mini Handy Sewing Machine

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Repair Your Expensive Clothes Without Any Need Of Tailors Or Expensive Sewing Machines!

This DIYOS™ Mini Handy Sewing Machine Helps You Mend Any Clothes In Minutes!

It is great for quick repairs or jobs that conventional desktop sewing machines can not handle.


This sewing machine helps you stitch any garments. This is of small size, easy to carry and place, very convenient. Great gadget to have while traveling.  Can be used indoors or outdoors, mend for torn pocket without removing your pants.

How To Use
Step 1: Holding- Support the bottom of the machine with the four fingers of your right hand and then putting your thumb on the top of the machine for your holding the machine tightly.
Step 2: Threading - 1. Put the top of the listle beside the needle, and then thread the lisle through the needle by using the threader 2-3 centimeter. 2. Lift the cloth fastening plate with right forefinger and put the cloth under fastening plate and then settle down the fastening plate. 3. Press the top of the machine up and down and do over, then the right hand should move to right step by step and let left hand hold the cloth the control the direction. 4. You can adjust the bolt for the optimal habitus, adjust nut.
Step 3: Replace needle - Lose the set-screw with a screwdriver and take off the old needle. Notice to let the flat part of the needle face the invariant set screw.



  • Handy Sewing Machine: Portable and Hand held , excellent for on-the-spot and quick repairs, ideal gift for girls, teens, friends, family on Black Friday, birthday, Thanksgiving day, Christmas and New Year
  • Perfect For many Material: Suitable for silks, Jeans, denim, wool , Hem pants, drapes, holes rips and etc.
  •  DIY Sewing: The crafting machine is easy to use and carry, beginner or master can make some DIY handkerchief, Cloth toys, patchwork, simple embroidery or arts crafts with terry, master can operate it to handkerchief, Cloth toys, patchwork
  • No Power Require: This tool doesn't require any power or batteries to operate you can easily operate it manually which makes it perfect companion for travel or home use.


Package includes

1 x DIYOS™ Mini Handy Sewing Machine


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Williamson Kelly
DIYOS™ Mini Handy Sewing Machine

A great little sewing machine! I was very pleased with the handy stitch! I've been putting off a project for months because I didn't want to have to go through the whole process of taking the curtains down to cut and hem. This Handy Stitching machine cut my project time in half and I didn't even have to take the curtains down after pinning them to the length I wanted! Whoo-hoo! My husband is glad I finally finished this project and I'm just sorry I waited so long. Wish I had this machine years ago!

Mark Rivera
DIYOS™ Mini Handy Sewing Machine

I already have a bigger size sewing machine but for some little jobs I thought this would be great so I don’t have to take out the big one. It works really well, very easy to thread it and if you run out of thread you can replace it. I can mend any torn clothes correctly. I might sell my real machine now. I would highly recommend this machine. Thank you, I recommend it.

Hamilton Dorothy
DIYOS™ Mini Handy Sewing Machine

Thank you all well! The machine is excellent! it was already filled with thread! Recommend!

Nathan Miller
DIYOS™ Mini Handy Sewing Machine

It came quickly, there is no damage, the description corresponds.

Larry Graham
DIYOS™ Mini Handy Sewing Machine

Thank you seller! Love💝 it easy to use and took less then five to sew my torn jacket