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Vacuum Tyre Repair Nail

Vacuum Tyre Repair Nail

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 🔥2021 the latest type of fast tool-free labor-saving tire repair nail!🔥

Quick repair, no tire removal

This tire repair nail, good quality and durable, easy and fast to use, even girls can easily use.

Halfway through the car tire was punctured, do not need to go to the repair store or replace the tire, just use our fast tire repair nail, gently screw in can completely repair the anastomosis of the tire, no longer leak, absolutely does not affect the car tire driving.

Highly elastic soft rubber, Q elastic type, the end of the deepening cross, and screwdriver more fit.

Details Of Usage
Tire is divided into three parts: Tire groove self crown Tire side.

  • Tire groove location breach repair method: the patch nail screwed into the tire groove below the plane 0.5 mm;
  • Crown location breach repair method: the patch nail screwed into the tire groove level;
  • Tire side location of the breach repair method: the tire repair nail screwed into, below the tire side plane 0.5 mm;
  • Puncture object oblique repair method: repair with the direction of the breach screwed.


The small size can make up for the gap within 0.1-3mm; the large size can make up for the gap within 3-5mm.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Eric B
Diyos™ Vacuum Tyre Repair Nail

5 stars saved a trip to the repair shop also saved alot of money.Satisfied customer.

Patti Anders
Diyos™ Vacuum Tyre Repair Nail

Strong and never let me down.Wow! Given the price, this can not be beat! Thanks for giving me more, MUCH more, than I expected. Superb product, somehow very affordable, not only will I be back, I'm telling everyone! AND they really appreciate my business! I feel appreciated, and it's a treat to be treated this way, as a valued customer, in this suddenly world wide market. Wow.Awesome product.

Bob W
Diyos™ Vacuum Tyre Repair Nail

Beats changing a tire when you have a puncture in the tread area. Sturdy tool.

Gloria Stewart
Diyos™ Vacuum Tyre Repair Nail

Extremely useful and cost effective. The wrasp allowed me to clean out the puncture hole quickly, and the insertion of the plug was effortless. I'd recommend to keep this on hand in a storage area or handy incase tire punctures happen.
Effective and inexpensive.

Denise Bowman
Diyos™ Vacuum Tyre Repair Nail

Great item to have in the car. I have a lot of emergency items in my car. This was a no Brainerd. It had great reviews.Good thing to have around.