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BRILL™ Shower Case 💦

BRILL™ Shower Case 💦

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Take Your Showers To The Next Level!

Do you like to Facetime your friends and significant others all day? Take Facetimes to the next level with the Shower Case!

 Facetime your friends/significant other in the shower!

 Watch your favorite movies/videos

 Change Your Songs

 Play Games

 Do anything you want, all in the shower!

Doesn’t matter if it’s a splash or spill, the Water-Proof Case has you covered with trusted seal protection. Fits most iPhone and Android models. (do not fully submerse in water)

The sound is still crisp, and your touch screen is still in tact! Use your phone in the shower without wetting and damaging your precious phone!


  • Color: white/blue
  • Suitable for mobile phones: less than 6.8 inches
  • Installation method: non-marking adhesive on wall
  • Size:2.8x19x10.5 cm

Package Content:
1 x mobile phone case

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Bell Brian
Diyos™ Shower Case 💦

love this can be in shower and wat movie or music video. love it

Bryan Hart
Diyos™ Shower Case 💦

The glue you bring is super firm, once you designate the place will be there forever.
The waterproofing function works perfect as it brings a rubber q helps seal.
The screen is still feeling toushe through the product.

It is important that your cell phone case is not thick or that you use it without housing, because it is very thin and will not be able to close the product.

Bobby Thompson
Diyos™ Shower Case 💦

As per picture

Gibson Nathan
Diyos™ Shower Case 💦

This is amazing!!! I use during shower to catch up on quick shows or listen to music. Works perfectly, phone never gets wet, and I can still use touch screen through device!! My "only" concern... I'm afraid when I go to take the phone out, it's so secure I feel like if I tug a little more I might break it or pull it off the shower wall. Never falls off the wall though!

Stephens Joe
Diyos™ Shower Case 💦

I love this little thing. It works flawlessly. Absolutely worth the buy. I used it in my shower and while the outside was wet, my phone was completely dry. Using the controls was easy as pie. 👌🏾