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Interactive Flabby Fish

Interactive Flabby Fish

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Does Your Pet Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

DIYOS™ Interactive Pet Toy helps reduce your pet's separation anxiety and keeps them busy for hours!

Veterinarian Approved Benefits

Interactive Dog Toy Floppy Fish – My pet stock

Reduces Separation Anxiety 

DIYOS™ Interactive Pet Toy is designed to keep your pet busy, reducing extreme stress from the time you leave them alone. This toy comes in handy when you're at work, have other important tasks to tend to, or want some quiet alone time.

Improve Well-Being 

More than 75% of pets display anxiety, boredom and stress. DIYOS™ Interactive Pet Toy provides mental stimulation, combats boredom, satisfies their natural instincts, and improves overall happiness and excitement for our love ones.

Vibi – LuluPaw | Pets, Cat safe, Cuddle partner

Improve Dog Safety

Prevents destructive behaviours from our lonely pups, resulting in less breakage of household items that can be potentially dangerous/hazardous.  

Flopping Fish Interactive dog toy – Doggyvers


DIYOS™ Interactive Pet Toy looks and moves like a real fish! It’s interactive too—swings into action soon as your furry kids touch it, and stays totally still when left alone. The smart built-in sensor makes it flop faster during play and slows down when it detects no motion. 

Floppy Fish Dog Toy | USB Charging Smart Cat Dog Toy


DIYOS™ Interactive Pet Toy is portable and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has a great swing and a quiet motor sound that takes playtime and bonding to a whole new level. Thus, a great way to stimulate natural instincts in your fur babies. 


 DIYOS™ Interactive Pet Toy includes a built-in battery and a USB cable for quick and easy recharging on the go. A full charge lasts for days. This means even more play, increasing fun and decreasing your dog’s stress and anxiety.


DIYOS™ Interactive Pet Toy comes with strong bulletproof high-quality padding that is built to protect the motor. It’s built to withstand bites and scratches, helping it remain highly durable to keep your dog safe at all times. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Bryan Hughes
DIYOS™ Interactive Flabby Fish

Thank you very much for the fish. Our cat is delighted

William Chen
DIYOS™ Interactive Flabby Fish

Excellent Toy, fully corresponds to the description. . The charge holds for a long time, thanks for the gift-a ball.

Sarah McDonald
DIYOS™ Interactive Flabby Fish

Just like in the picture! Plus the supplier sent us two gifts a cat sticker and some balls. Very happy with the purchase.

Vincent Davidson
DIYOS™ Interactive Flabby Fish

The fish is very cool, as live))
Executed qualitatively, immediately delayed as turned on)) charges or not have not yet been checked.
Kotik rybku while he is afraid in an on state, looks with interest, but does not do anything) when the fish starts to play with her) which the seller put as a gift! Thank you very much to the seller for the gifts and for the cool toy))

Pena Barbara
DIYOS™ Interactive Flabby Fish

Nice Fish! My both the dogs love it , they play with it for hours.