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Football Trainer

Football Trainer

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It's Time To Perfect Your PRACTICE With This Personal FOOTBALL Trainer.

Rebound Football Trainer

Earn Your Perfection At Practice With This Reliable Trainer for Football;⚽ ⚽ So That You Can Perform With agility in The Competitions. 🏆  

During the lockdown, the best way to practice is to practice football kick training alone. Our soccer solo trainer is the best solution for you and your ever-active kids. No need for a training partner anymore with this football trainer for kids! Keep them busy. Keep them entertained. And watch them improving every day.

What separates the best Football players from the average? The number of touches with the ball and the time they spend training. With this Soccer Bungee Trainer, you have never been closer to achieving your soccer kids' dreams.

Move Your Game To The Next Level 

Product Features

NO NEED FOR A TRAINING PARTNER - During the lockdown, the best way to practice is to practice alone. This solo football trainer is the best solution for your ever-active kids. Keep them busy. Keep them entertained.

Futsolo - The Most Effective Training Ball On Earth

MASTER BALL CONTROL - The football string produces a strong rebound that is perfect for practicing your receiving and ball control. The ProLIFE Personal Soccer Trainer takes your training sessions to the next level. If you want to be an elite player, you have to train like one!

GET FASTER REACTION - You will have to react quickly, which is key to perform in the modern, fast-paced football. 

BECOME BETTER AT PASSING - You can pass in whatever direction and height you want. This is the type of realistic training you need.

FORGET THE CHASE - Stop wasting time chasing the ball with this football on a string. Increase your repetitions and effectiveness of your football training sessions.

Solo Football/Soccer Trainer – Asy Trends

How It Works

Step 1 - Pass one side of the hook & loop through the hole of the fixed buckle
Step 2 - Pass the other side of the hook & loop through another hole
Step 3 - Pull the hook & loop on both sides and adjust them to the right position
Step 4 - Fixed the velcro and start your solo football training


Package Contents:

1Pc Football Trainer Device
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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
DIYOS™ Football Trainer

My girls play soccer and I thought this would be fun for them. They love it. They play with it while walking to the park or even around the house. I will definitely buy this again.

DIYOS™ Football Trainer

This is exactly what we needed to help my daughter with her soccer skills. She had another one that she held in her hand and this is so much easier by freeing up both hands!

DIYOS™ Football Trainer

My son likes this as the ball comes back to him. He plays soccer and is 4 and likes he can practice without his friends when he is at home. Fits his waist and is adjustable. He is thrilled.

Paul Williams

DIYOS™ Football Trainer

Castillo Brian
DIYOS™ Football Trainer

What you see is what you get with this product. It's perfect for practicing alone in the backyard.