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Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield

Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield

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This DIYOS™ Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield is suitable for travel, mountain climbing, school experiments, factories, mines, cycling, sports, construction, construction sites and other workplaces.

Effectively prevent iron filings, dust, gravel and other objects from splashing and causing ground injuries to the eyes.

It is made of the highest level of anti-fog and scratch-resistant polycarbonate and sealed with BPA-free medical grade silicone, which can be easily cleaned and reused daily.

Designed for movement | Adaptable to your lifestyle

  • Aerodynamic design for active use
  • 1.75mm thickness premium grade polycarbonate shield
  • UV resistant 
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Anti-fog technology

A fashionable future tech style in clean white/grey/clear combinations. 

We need to hit this amount so we can cover the extra tooling costs for new molds for each part. We have exciting colorway combinations ahead so thanks for your support.

SHARE with all your friends so we can make it there.  Prototype Testing // Design 

//You have two options


Unsealed design, let your breathing more freely.


The edge banding design gives you more comprehensive protection. Wrap your face 360° inside the face shield, Keep your eyes, nose and mouth under the protection of the face shield.

Package includes

  • 1 x 🔥Super Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield🔥


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Marie Palmer
DIYOS™ Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield

I recently decided to pick up blacksmithing as a hobby. I didn't want to continue living my life making bad decisions and not wearing a mask when messing with an angle grinder and steel. My friend was wearing this shield while cutting through a fire extinguisher last night and I am glad he was, and so was he! While cutting through the cut-off disc starting breaking apart from over-use and one piece hit right below his left eye on the shield. I couldn't imagine it doing too much damage other than a nice cut, but this shield prevented it. No sparks hit him in the face and neither did the shards. As far as the durability it is a flimsy shield unless you tighten it down. Oh, and take the film off of BOTH sides of the mask so you can see. Great buy and I would buy again if I needed to.

Vincent Perez
DIYOS™ Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield

Very good quality fits well does not have grallons even though the yam box A little destroyed the prove for A while does not tarnish

Donald Six
DIYOS™ Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield

I am being forced to go into work where I interface with about 100 people a day. I work in IT. Two times I've been exposed to Covid-19 because of my job and I didn't want to risk it with a third. This shield has given me a sense of protection that I really appreciate on top of a regular facemask. I wear it 8-10 hours per day 5 days a week and have had no problems with comfort, clarity, or communication. I am the envy of the office and have recommended this to all of my other "essential" coworkers.

Blaza Lothbrok
DIYOS™ Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield

This shield it very comfortable to were for long periods of time. This shield moves up and down easily and stays in place as well. The only down side I have found when using this with my wood lathe is that the fine dust tends to be attracted to the shield due to static electricity build up caused by cleaning with a cloth. I have been told to try running a dryer sheet (bounce type) over the shield and it will cut the static down allowing for longer use in between cleanings. Although I have not had a chance to try this trick yet. All in all this shield does a great job protecting your entire face and part of your neck as well.
5 stars Comfort and great protection!

DIYOS™ Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield

Got shield hoping to protect my eyes while wearing a dust mask. Its met all my requirements and more. Even after reading other posts... which brings me to my next point. I give the company props for putting a protective film over the shield. People it's to protect from being damaged during shipping.. ya just have to remove the plastic shield and simply pull back the protective wrap on both sides. I'd buy again and would recommend.