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Premium Bunion Corrector Sock

Premium Bunion Corrector Sock

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Remove Bunion, Reduce Pain and Get Good Looking Feet Again with our premium bunion corrector!


" I absolutely love them. It protects my bunion and separates my big toe to help keep it straight. I definitely would recommend them to anyone suffering from a bunion. " - Jennifer, USA

     Do you want to get rid of bunions but not by surgery?

     This bunion corrector is your solution! Recommended by orthopedists all over the world, this product is the best solver for your problem.

     It is suitable for outdoor activities, sport or just having a walk in the park because it is comfortable as a cloud.

     Prevent the surgery and relieve the pain with our high-quality bunion corrector sock, the best solution which can give back to you the good looking feet in the most comfortable way. 

     Designed to be worn in any type of footwear, our bunion corrector can become your new daily best friend, contributing to the well-being of you and your feet.

     Having great smooth and thin material, the sock will fit perfectly in your shoes and will not affect your walk.


Key benefits of the bunion corrector sock

COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE - soft and thin high-quality materials provide a comfortable experience throughout the day with all types of footwear.

HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT - recommended by most respected orthopedists all over the world, this bunion corrector was nominalized as the best solution for bunion problems, preventing the surgery.

EFFECT - The combination of the toe separator and gel bunion cushions has been orthopedically designed to treat bunions and eliminate daily swelling, chronic pain and inflammation. 


Frequently asked questions

Question: How long should I wear this?

Answer: We recommend starting the treatment by wearing it for 5-15 minutes in the beginning and increase by 5 minutes per session until you can comfortably wear it for 30 minutes or more. It is important that you allow your foot muscles enough time to adapt and recover as you stretch them.

Question: What size should I choose?

Answer: Our bunion correctors are made of high-quality elastic and breathable fabric which makes them fit most adult feet. It gathers the forefoot and has good elasticity to prevent it from falling off.

Question: Can I wash the sock?

Answer: Yes absolutely! To maintain the quality and effect we recommend hand washing them with soap in cold water and then air dry them.

Question: Does the gel separator hurt the toes when worn?

Answer: No don't worry our gel separator is made from high-quality soft gel which makes it very comfortable to wear and will provide the perfect amount of support for the toe.



1 x Pair ( 2 units total )


One size fits all


Approx. 9cm


Approx. 8cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Keyshawn Rutherford

The truth feel quite comfortable and high-quality. Look how will for after use prolonged. Free shipping new arrival pretty fast.

Bettye Bashirian

Thats great!!! So helps from pain in the bone and in the foot!!! Real help, in two weeks of regular wearing of pain have passed, I hope and the bone will grow no longer! Be sure to try!!!

Lavina Dibbert

These are amazing. Knowing how awesome they work,

Tremayne Bauch

i only wear this separator a few hours, cause it hurts me and made my toe like a weird shape. I'm sad

Everette Hahn

Thank You they are Very Accurate just like the picture